That’s really where this all begins.

This whole slim fit movement isn’t that old. My mission suit was a four button black polyester suit with what the salesman told me was an ‘athletic cut’ meaning it was more fitted I guess. He had me perform a series of pilates/yoga moves to ensure the suit fit appropriately. I guess the litmus test was that I should be able to perform any number of 1990’s hiphop dance moves without any protest from my suit whatsoever. This came in handy as I performed a great deal of 1990’s hiphop moves in my suit, and then transitioned it to be my primary yoga attire.

Slowly, agonizingly, expensively (maybe not a word), I and many other guys swapped out our suits and shirts and ties for their slim-fitted counterparts. In fact, I think I look pretty sharp now walking into church with my tailored white shirt, tapered suit pants, and shoulder-hugging jacket.

Which brings me back to pleats.

I was in the temple, and I looked down and fidgeted with my pants’ pleats. I actually couldn’t feel my pants against my legs because they were so baggy. I missed the way my other pants hugged and supported me. These - my temple pants - betrayed me. And I looked ridiculous with my tailored shirt and hammer pants.

I went home, found some people just as irritated, and we made Far West. 

Enter the Fielding Pant. We went directly to the selvage denim community because they care too much about the right fit and durability is absolutely indispensable. These are the guys that wear the same pair of jeans for a half a century without ever washing them. We found a designer with decades of experience and a solid reputation for crafting American made jeans. He spent over a year perfecting a pattern for a pair of selvage chinos and worked with us to adapt his pattern and design to make them appropriate for worship.

Here’s what we offer. Our fit is seriously unimpeachable (look it up). We designed and made these pants in America - go ‘Merica. And finally they were constructed out of thick robust twill that last forever and is literally designed to not be washed very often. They’re amazing.

Oh. And no pleats.